Karjat River Rafting FAQs

  • Is River rafting safe in Karjat for First-Timers?

    White water rafting or river rafting is one of the most popular adventure activities in the world. One of the major reasons for it being so popular in India is because of its accessibility. River rafting generally has a grading system of rapids which will let us know if the water is safe for first-timers. In India most of the places that serve a purpose for River rafting, all are in the grade of class 1 and 2 where no specific training or skill required. It is one of the major reasons River rafting in India is so popular. All it requires is quality equipment with well-trained instructors to take you on a thrilling rafting ride. And we at River rafting Karjat organise rafting event that will leave everlasting fun memories. It doesn’t matter if you are a first-timer or a seasoned rafter. With the help of our trained instructors, we make sure you are treated with spine thrilling fun in the waters.

  • Who can go for River Rafting?

    River rafting is a fun activity suitable for all age groups. It is only individuals with chronic asthma, physical disabilities and pregnant ladies are not permitted to avoid any mishap.

  • Is Rafting Dangerous? If yes, how dangerous can it get?

    Hey, any adventure activity like trekking, scuba diving or rappelling, a little amount of risk involved. In the case of river rafting, risks are depended on the grades of rapids. Rafting in Karjat, there are around 20 – 24 rapids of Grade 3& Grade 4. These Grades of Rapids are considered to be moderate to difficult level. Since we have our trained instructor in each raft explaining you the safety measures for a fun filled session; all you need to do is follow the instructions. Apart from that, safety gears are provided to every participant such as Helmets, Paddles and Life Jackets. As a result, this minimizes the gravity of the danger.

  • Do I have to carry any special equipment for Rafting?

    Not at all! All the safety gear is provided by us at the starting point of River rafting. Gears will include best quality Helmets, Life Jackets & Paddles to manoeuvre the raft.

  • What if I don’t know swimming? Can I still come?

    Absolutely yes! You don’t have to be a swimmer to get into the waters. Rafting in Karjat is completely safe. You need not worry about falling off the raft. We will provide you with the best quality Life jackets and safety gears that will help you float in the river.

  • Which is the best rafting season?

    Well throughout the year. The river Pej that flows in karat comes from the nearby dam that releases water. It is controlled water for a particular time period during the day. As a result, the River does not dry up in any season. However, the best season for river rafting is Monsoon and winter. Still, if you look overall, Karjat river rafting season is in monsoon as most of the crowd prefers to make their rafting more interesting with the rain.

  • How should I dress for a rafting trip?

    Comfortable pair of shorts and T-shirts is the best outfit for river rafting. Track Pant is also a good option. You can wear floaters or good quality sports shoes. Avoid wearing Jeans or any other Traditional outfit.

  • Is Carrying Camera allowed during the rafting trip?

    No. While rafting carrying a camera is not a good idea. However, if you wish to click pictures you can do so once the ride is finished

  • Can I do kayaking in Karjat?

    Yes, why not. You do have good opportunity for Kayaking in River Pej.

  • Is Kayaking in Karjat safe? And what's the minimum age required for the same?

    As such any adventure sport involve a little bit of risk in it. As Kayaking is one of the adventure sports carries some risk, however, if you follow the safety instructions you need not worry about the safety. Age limit is something we are specific about Kayaking - 18+ age required for Kayaking in Karjat.

  • What is the difference between you and other rafting at Karjat?

    We will answer this question in by stating three reasons

    • We take the pride of being one of the early players in introducing River rafting in Karjat.
    • We are one of the top organisers of White water rafting in Kolad. Our instructors are some of the best trained from Pioneer Institute of Uttarakhand specialising in River rafting. They expertise in rescue missions.So when you are rafting with us, we ensure you are in safe hands.
    • We ensure in following safety procedure and provide quality equipment such as Helmets, Life Jackets & Paddles.
  • Does White Water Rafting happen daily? Are there any disclaimers that I should know before I decide to book?

    River in Karjat is formed when the water is released from Dam. It is controlled water and technically after river rafting in Kolad, white water rafting in Karjat will be the second place where River rafting activity takes place 365 days. There is a very low probability of the water not being released from Dam. In such a case 100% refund of only the rafting amount will be provided. The Reporting Time for Rafting is fixed & not adjustable as it is dependent on the water release from the dam which is controlled by the Government authorities.